Void (30 Days)

45.00GBP 33.75GBP

Package Description

You will get access the following perks

--- Exclusive to this rank ---
View health of entities with /prod
/myvmini - Minicopter with 4 extra seats
Loaded rocket launcher kit every minute
Increased RF C4 limit (15 instead of 10)
Highest /home limit of any rank (40)
Reaper skinset view skins
Void skinset view skins
Weed skinset view skins
--- X ---

Full loadout save
Save your entire inventory
Smaller cooldown (30s instead of 60s)
Ability to save grenade launchers
Command: /strike
Spawn items
Spawn in items using the F1 Items menu
Restrictions apply, banned items can be found here
Special BGrade
Automatic upgrading will no longer use resources
Infinite ammo
Command: /toggleammo
Handyman repairs multiple things around you
Command: /handyman
Increased building limit
Extreme building limit (8500 instead of 2500)
Change your message colour
Command: /mcolour
Gradient message colour
Command: /mcolour gradient
Change your name colour
Command: /colour
Gradient name colour
Command: /colour gradient
Faster teleportation to players (1s instead of 3s)
Faster teleportation to homes (1s instead of 3s)
Queue bypass
No fall damage
View an entity's owner
Command: /prod
Save turret loadouts
Allows you to automatically put ammo in turrets
Command: /tl

Spawn your own vehicles

/mymini - Spawns a minicopter
/myscrappy - Spawns a scrap helicopter
/myboat - Spawns a rowboat
/myrhib - Spawns a RHIB
/mysolosub - Spawns a solo submarine
/myduosub - Spawns a duo submarine
/myhorse - Spawns a horse
/mysnowmobile - Spawns a snowmobile
/mycar2 - Spawns a car with 2 modules
/mycar3 - Spawns a car with 3 modules
/mycar4 - Spawns a car with 4 modules

You will get access to the following kits (more information can be found here)

VIP "Daily"
VIP "Monthly"
VIP "Limited monthly"
Turret #1 "Turman"
Turret #2 "Turlov"
Turret #3 "Turflir"
VIP "Launcher"
VIP "Christmas"
VIP "New Year"
Boom Exclusive

You will get access to the following skins

 Death view skins
New Hope view skins